Mark-10 Ergonomics Testing & Job Task Analysis Kits

DQ Plus offers Mark-10 ergonomics testing kits which measure the force an object requires the user to pull, push or lift. This type of testing must be done to ensure employees are safe and employers are in compliance with OSHA and other standards their industry may mandate.

Muscle strength testing is also an application where Mark-10 ergonomics testing kits are employed

  • Muscle strength testing kit
  • Fitness assessment testing kit

Job task analysis and ergonomics analysis is made simple and accurate when using Mark-10 Series E push / pull force gauges. These gauges are the perfect solution for ergonomic studies, strength assessment and workplace design.

ergonomics testing kits

Ergonomics Force Gauges Series E

Series E force gauges are available in the following capacities: 100 lbF, 200 lbF and 500 lbF (500, 2,500, and 5,000 N). They come with a variety of attachments and provide simple and economical testing solutions for a wide range of applications.

You have the option of ordering a pre-configured kit, including a gauge, accessories, and carrying case, or putting each item together individually, depending on your testing requirements.

Ergonomics Force Gauges

Attachments in 90° or 180° orientations are clicked and locked into place via innovative Click-Lock™ technology, a rugged anti-rotation locking mechanism. The instrument is prevented from damage because no fastening is required as in standard force gauges.

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