Mark-10 Data Collection and Analysis Software

MESURTM gauge, MESURTM Lite, and WinWedge software packages provide additional functionality for force and torque measuring instruments. The Mark 10 software allows the transfer, data manipulation, and data analysis of the force and torque measuring instruments output.

WinWedge is highly customizable communication software.

MESURTM gauge software provides integrated data collection, analysis, graphing, and reporting capabilities.

MESURTM Lite is free basic data acquisition software which is included with the new force gauge series.

Mark-10 Analysis Software


  • Plots load vs. time or load vs. travel
  • Calculates statistics
  • One-button data export to Excel
  • Customizable test setups, reports, and report templates
  • Compatible with any force or torque gauge with RS-232 output
  • $495
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Mark-10 Data Collection Software


  • Tabulates data from a force or torque gauge
  • One-button data export to Excel
  • Included free with all new Mark-10 gauge series
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