Mark-10 Force and Tension Measurement Testing for Medical devices and Pharmaceutical products

Every day medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers turn to DQ Plus Mark-10 force and torque measurement products for accurate measurement–from syringe activation or pill crush force to suture strength.

Today, beacause of the Covid 19 Coronavirus, testing products used for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are more critical than ever. Because of the stringent industry and legal requirements medical devices and pharmaceutical products manufacturers must adhere to, those measurements must be accurate.

DQ Plus provides manufacturers with a range of Mark-10 medical testing devices specifically designed to meet the requirements for Coronavirus PPE testing.

For all Medical applications DQ Plus offers Mark-10:

  • Syringe plunger force testers
  • Tubing connector pull-off force testers
  • Dental and bone screw torque testers
  • Tensile strength of orthodontic wire testers
  • Stopcock torque testers
  • Catheter torque testers
  • Luer lock torque testers
  • Adhesive strength of bandages testers
  • Syringe force testingSyringe plunger force testing
    Syringe plunger force testing
  • Tablet crush testingMark10 crush testing device
    Crush testing
  • Opening force testing packaging materials force testing
    Opening force testing of packaging materials
  • Muscle strength evaluation testingMark 10 Muscle strength testing
    Muscle strength evaluation
  • Mark 10 Pull force testingPull force test device
    Pull force testing
  • Bottle cap torque testingtorque testing for caps
    Bottle cap torque testing
  • force and torque testingforce and torque testing of Tourniquets
    Tourniquet force and torque testing
  • Pill crush force testPill crush testing device
    Pill crush force test
  • Mark 10 terminal pull testing deviceTube terminal pull-off testing
    Pill crush force test
  • Penetration force testingneedle force testing
    Penetration force testing