Mark 10 Top Load Testing

Top Load Test System, ASTM D2659-95

Top Load Test System

D2659-95 addresses columnar crush properties of blown thermoplastic containers.

The D2659-95 test is useful when determining storage stack height limits in the design phase. In addition it helps to maintain formulation quality when items are in production.

The test is undertaken to determine four factors:

  • Crushing yield load (where an increase in deflection occurs with no further increase in load).
  • Crushing load at failure (the load required to produce a fracture or other ultimate material failure).
  • Deflection at crushing yield load (decrease in length of the specimen at the crushing yield load).
  • Apparent crushing stiffness (crushing load compared to deflection at a point on the linear part of the load-deflection curve).

Mark-10 has a variety of products to support top load testing requirements.

ESM 303 motorized test stand

Series 4 Digital Force Gauge (with internal load cell)

50mm Vented Compression Plate