Mark-10 Force and Tension Measurement Testing Products for Aerospace Testing Applications

Mark-10 testing products are used in a wide variety of Aerospace force and tension measurement areas. In this arena– where proper force and tension measurement is critical in ensuring an aircraft’s components perform accurately and conform to regulatory standards, Mark-10 products are a cut above.

The list below shows the variety of Aerospace force and tension measurement applications where DQ Plus’ Mark-10 products are employed.

  • Passenger control button activation force testing
  • Bearing torque testing
  • Cable tension testing
  • Testing Tensile strength of materials
  • Testing Bend strength of materials
  • Electronics component pull-off testing
  • Seatbelt release force testing
  • Tensile testingTensile testing
    Tensile testing
  • Torsion spring testingTorsion spring testing
    Torsion spring testing
  • Switch contact activation force testingSwitch contact activation force testing
    Switch contact activation force testing
  • Muscle strength evaluationBearing Torque Testing
    Bearing Torque Testing
  • Pull force testingWire crimp pull testing
    Wire crimp pull testing
  • Bottle cap Tensile testingBottle cap torque testing
    Tensile testing
  • Tourniquet force testingTourniquet force and torque testing
    PCB component pull-off testing
  • Mark10 bend testing unit3-point bend testing
    3-point bend testing
  • Mark 10 Penetration force testing unitPenetration force testing
    4-point bend testing