Mark-10 Force and Torque Measurement Products for Automotive Testing Applications

Force and torque measurement is an integral part of making sure vehicles such as Automobiles, recreational vehicles, and trucks perform safely. Each component and assembly must go through testing throughout the design, production, and quality control processes.

As you can see by the examples listed, automotive manufacturers and suppliers count on Mark-10 force and torque measurement products everyday to ensure their vehicles conform to all required standards.

  • Switch activation force testers
  • Rotary dial torque testing system
  • Torque tool calibration testers
  • Seat belt retraction force testers
  • Turn signal stalk force measurementautomotive parts force measurement
    Turn signal stalk force measurement
  • torque testing car Bearings Bearing torque testing
    Bearing torque testing
  • Extension spring testingspring testing device
    Extension spring testing
  • Compression spring testingCompression testing for automotive springs
    Compression spring testing
  • spring testing TorsionTorsion spring testing
    Torsion spring testing
  • bend testing unit3-point bend testing
    3-point bend testing
  • automotive parts tensile strength testingWire tensile strength testing
    Wire tensile strength testing
  • pull-off testing devicePCB component pull-off testing
    PCB component pull-off testing
  • Wire crimp pull testingpull testing of Wire crimps
    Wire crimp pull testing
  • Torque tool calibration calibration tool for Torque tools testing
    Torque tool calibration
  • Coefficient of friction testingCOF testing
    Coefficient of friction testing
  • 4-point bend fixture testing4-point bend testing
    4-point bend testing