Mark-10 Force and Tension Measurement Testing Products for the Food, Beverage & Wine Industry

The Food, Beverage and Wine Industries must all be concerned with product and packaging safety as well as consumer usability. As a result, Mark-10 force and torque measurement products may be found throughout food and beverage facilities and wineries. How much force does it require to open a bag of Doritos? When you put up a stack of cartons, what is the top load force? In the wine industry, Mar-10 crush testing devices are frequently employed.

Every day these Mark-10 products are in use in the Food, Beverage and Wine Industries:

  • Crush testing
  • Cork extraction force test
  • Cork extraction force test deviceCork and Cap torque testing
    Cap torque testing
  • Cap torque testingBottle Cap torque testing device
    Cap torque testing
  • Mark 10 Container cap pull testingContainer cap pull-off testing device
    Container cap pull-off testing
  • Cap torque testing using motorized test stand Mark 10 motorized test stand for Cap torque
    Cap torque testing utilizing a motorized test stand
  • Pull force testingMark 10 Pull force testing unit
    Switch Contact Activation Force Testing
  • T-peel testingT-peel testing unit
    T-peel testing
  • 90° peel testing of foil seal90° peel testing of foil seal
    foil seal peel testing unit
  • Burst testingBurst testing
    Burst testing unit
  • Fruit ripeness testing unit  Mark 10 Fruit ripeness testing
    Fruit ripeness
  • Top load testing of containers container Top load testing
    Top load testing of containers