Mark-10 Force and Tension Measurement Testing for Consumer Products & Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment and Consumer products are a big area where force and torque testing really runs the gamut. Mark-10 products are used in applications ranging from testing how much force you need to open a freezer door to testing how strong a racquet’s frame is.

  • Ski flex testing system
  • Goggle strap pull testing system
  • Tennis ball compression testing system
  • Lace break strength testing system
  • Elastomers Elongation testing system
  • Hinge torque testing device
  • Toy component pull-off testing system
  • Foam compression testing system
  • Switch activation force testing system
  • Ski flex force testSki flex force test
    Ski flex force test
  • Swim goggle pull testSwim goggle pull test
    Swim goggle pull test
  • Toy component pull-off testToy component pull-off test
    Toy component pull-off test
  • Soap dispenser activation forceSoap dispenser activation force
    Soap dispenser activation force
  • Touch screen activation forceTouch screen activation force
    Touch screen activation force
  • 3-point bend testing3-point bend testing
    3-point bend testing