Mark-10 Force and Tension Measurement for Other Industries & Testing Applications

There are so many manufacturing applications where Mark-10 force and torque measurement products are employed-the list is innumerable. From R&D to in-process quality and post process product reliability, you’ll find Mark-10 products helping companies ensure a quality product is delivered.

  • Tensile testing
  • Hinge torque testing
  • Weld force testing
  • Elongation testing
  • Bearing torque testing
  • Wire crimp pull testingWire crimp pull testing
    Wire crimp pull testing
  • Tensile testingTensile testing
    Tensile testing
  • Torsion spring testingMark 10 spring testing
    Torsion spring testing
  • Compression spring testingCompression spring testing
    Compression spring testing
  • Bearing torque testingMark 10 torque testing
    Bearing torque testing
  • Candlewick bond pull testingMark 10 bond pull testing
    Candlewick bond pull testing
  • 90° peel testing of foil sealMark 10 90° foil seal peel testing
    90° peel testing of foil seal
  • Plush toy component pull testingMark 10 Plush toy  pull testing
    Plush toy component pull testing
  • Switch activation testing deviceSwitch activation force testing
    Switch activation force testing
  • Extension spring testingMark 10 Extension spring testing
    Extension spring testing
  • Mark 10 bend testing4-point bend testing
    4-point bend testing
  • Mark 10 dispenser activation force testingSoap dispenser activation force testing
    Soap dispenser activation force testing
  • Opening force testing of<br>packaging materialsMark 10 Opening force testing of<br>packaging materials
    Opening force testing of<br>packaging materials
  • T-peel testing of flexible packagingflexible packaging testing device
    T-peel testing of flexible packaging
  • Mark 10 Torque tool calibrationTorque tool calibration
    Torque tool calibration
  • force measurement bullet casings bullet casings force measurement device
    Characterizing the quality of bullet casings through force measurement