Mark-10 Force and Tension Measurement Systems for Peel Testing

Adhesive or heat-sealed joints and seams must be tightly formed to ensure pack contents are secure and sterile, but at the same time remain easy to open by the end user. A peel testing system from Mark-10 provides a fast, repeatable and accurate method of assessing the force required to initiate and propagate a peel on container seals and adhesive bonds.

Mark-10 Force and Tension Measurement

Dillon Quality Plus can supply Mark-10 equipment to meet these Peel Test Standards

  • ASTM D1876-01
  • ASTM D6862
  • D3330
  • D903 90 degree
  • ASTM F88-079
  • BS EN 868-5:1999
  • BS EN 1719:1999
  • BS EN 1895:2001
  • ISO 11339:2003
  • FINAT Test Methods
  • ISO 11607
Peel Testing System

Dillon Quality Plus Mark-10Typical Peel Testing System